I Graduated College, Now What?

20170513_100504You’re walking down the field, you’re nervous, excited, anxious, all these feelings are rushing through your body. Hundreds of people are walking alongside you, even more people are watching you from the bleachers, but you can’t really remember or recognize any of their faces. There is so much going on right in front of you,  but there is only one thought running through your head, “I did it!

That is what my experience was walking to receive my B.A. in Psychology. All those nights studying, writing papers, working part-time jobs, stress, breakdowns were all finally going to pay off. I was really excited and happy that I was going to be the first in my family to graduate college. Unfortunately, that excitement did not last long. Soon thoughts of what was I going to do after college were creeping up in my head. Anxiety was beginning to hit me. I took a breath and decided to not let not having a plan affect me. I decided to be grateful that I had a job waiting for me back home, even if it was just lifeguarding. Once I came back home to San Diego, I slowly began my process of planning and executing steps that would eventually help me get a job in my field.

Today, 6 months after I received my degree, I am starting a new job at a wonderful company as a behavioral therapist! But, how did I get here? To be honest, I ask myself the same question a lot of the time, but stepping back and thinking of what I did has shown me all the hard work I did in order to be where I am today.

Now I will share the steps I took in order to be where I am today, so if you’re about to graduate, or already did and have no idea where to start, grab a notebook, take some notes, and let’s get to work and become successful!

These are the steps I took:

  1. Make your LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already and get connections
  2. List the kind of jobs that would interest you
  3. List your qualities, strengths, and weaknesses 
  4. Look at what kind of jobs are out there (high demand)
  5. Spend more time on jobs that will fit with your strengths and qualities
  6. Pretty up your resume (use Pinterest for some inspiration) 
  7. Ask yourself, “are you are ready to take the challenge of spending a big chunk of time trying to find the right job for you ?”
  8. Go out there and show employers how amazing of a person you are and how ready you are to work for them!

I know jobs are very competitive and you have to really impress those employers. Maybe you feel like you’re not experienced enough, or haven’t graduated yet. So what can you do then? well  this calls for a new post! Stay tuned for more info on how I got to where I am today, professionally. I hope you find this at least a little helpful! Comment down below what you think and what else you would like to read!


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