1. Helix Brewing Co.

Recently, I was able to visit the wonderful Helix Brewing Co. with my boyfriend. I was amazed at how such a small place could be so amazing!

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The Entrance

I fell in love with this place once I saw the entrance. It was really well put together and all I could think about is how great this place would look at night. After admiring the entrance and taking quite a bit of pictures, we felt like it was time to grab some beers!

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Inside the Brewery

The inside was pretty small but was also spacious. There weren’t a lot of people but maybe that was due to the fact that it was 2:00 pm. (It’s never too early for beer!). The people were really nice, and there were some puppies!!! Once we got our drinks, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. As we were walking out, Jake noticed some games and got Connect 4.

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Outside Seating
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Red’s vs. Blondes!

It was my first time playing this game (I know, I didn’t have a childhood), and I had a great time playing it. Jake did a wonderful job teaching me strategies and all that, that I beat him on the last round!

Overall, I really enjoyed Helix Brewing Co. Don’t let its size trick you because it is a well worth visit! Have you been to this brewery? If so, what was your experience like? Let me know down in the comments!

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