New Beginnings

2017 has come to an end and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what this year has meant to me. If I could describe my year in one word it would be: growth.

Throughout the year, I have experienced many events that have defined who I am today. It has truly been a rollercoaster. One that I would definitely think twice before going for round two.

I have learned what I am capable of, what my limits are, new hobbies, etc. I want to share  the good, the bad, and what I am grateful for. Making these lists helped me realize that my year wasn’t so bad. I was too focused on the bad that I had forgotten all the great things this year brought me. 

Here are the lists:

The good things: 

  1. Graduated college.
  2. Got a job in my field.
  3. Left toxic environments.
  4. Met my best friends. 
  5. Went to Oregon.
  6. Stopped taking medication.
  7. Started rock climbing.
  8. Saw my favorite band with my favorite people.
  9. Lived with my best friend.
  10. Went to my first beer event.
  11. Learned how to longboard.
  12. Went to the snow for the first time.
  13. Moved back home.
  14. Got pool guard of the year award.
  15. Boyfriend moved to the same city. 
  16. Got back into swimming.
  17. Created my blog.

    The bad things: 

    1. Had my first anxiety attack.
    2. Experienced many depression episodes.
    3. Was apart from my SO for 6 months.
    4.  Had the most stressful semester of college.
    5. Felt like I was being overworked at my summer job.
    6. Felt stuck.
    7. Paid too much attention at what others were doing with their lives.
    8. Was still stressed, even after finishing school.

      What I am grateful for: 

      1. Even though things didn’t always go my way, I was able to use new coping skills that I learned in therapy.
      2. For the people in my life. They’re not a lot but they have been there in my lowest lows and on my journey to recovery, always cheering for me. 
      3. Another great year with the person I love. 
      4. Being willing to try new things. 
      5. Learning to be more optimistic.
      6. Having the strength to move forward.

      I hope you guys enjoyed this and also reflect on whether or not your year was as bad as you think it was or are you focusing more on the negative parts? 

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