IMG_5525Welcome to HerLifeOdyssey!

So what is this blog about? Why that name? Why am I doing this? Have no worry, I will cover all of that down below:

Odysseya long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable  experiences, hardships, etc. (Source: Dictionary.com)

I wanted to make this blog to share my adventures, experiences, struggles, and so on. Therefore, I thought odyssey would be a great fit for this website. I am a millennial woman trying to figure out my place in this world. That is how HerLifeOdyssey was created!

I want to make this blog my haven, where I can talk about my life. It is a way to keep track of my successes and failures, in order to better improve myself. I also hope that this can be a guide to others who share similar interests as me or want to learn more about these topics.

I hope you guys enjoy this and follow me through this odyssey. 

-Ana Karen


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